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"Hiring Kayme as a coach was definitely worth the investment and I would recommend her to everyone who is serious about their career."

- Zana M.H


I've spent my entire career helping students navigate the corporate landscape and helping them transition into their dream careers.


This private coaching may be what you need to stand out among the competition in your career field. I offer a personalized approach to coaching where I develop a strategy that is specific to your needs and that will help you effectively communicate your value. This private program includes properly preparing you for interviews and to help you get the attention of recruiters in your related field


Changing industries? Maybe you are moving from a corporate position to a more creative position or vice versa. Whatever your industry, I will help design a strategy specific to your career goals.



Did you know that most job placements come through internships, internal referrals, and networking? It's about building relationships with the right people. It's never to start working on your future. 


No matter what industry or role you are applying for, there will be eyes on your resume as well as your Linkedin profile. Getting you set up on the path to success includes making sure both your resume and Linkedin profile stands out.  



Tionne K.

After losing my position in the hospitality industry due to the enduring economic effects of quarantine and relocating from Maryland back to my home state of Florida, I’d decided that a career change was in order.  My new pursuit needed to be more aligned with my family needs, meaning primarily it needed to be a remote position with an opportunity for growth. I was referred to Kayme by a trusted friend and she more than delivered! After conducting a short “interview” to find out exactly what type of role I was looking for and analyzing a couple of job posts which were attractive to me, she created a plan, revised my branding, and even gave great interview advice.  I believe her help was invaluable in getting me several interviews and within just a few short days I received an offer from my first choice which I accepted! This service was a godsend at the perfect time and I’ll certainly recommend it to anyone looking to secure their dream career. 

Zana M.H

I would like to start off by saying that hiring Kayme was the best thing I did for my professional career. I wanted this job so badly that I knew I had no room for mistakes and that this was the biggest career move I’ve ever made! I was ready to do anything to get the help that would get me the job. I was amazed that within 15 min of speaking to her I realized that I was interviewing with no strategy this whole time! She gave me insight into exactly what I should expect in the interview and how I should present myself in a way that shows I bring value to the company.

I am so grateful for Kayme because I had 5 interviews to get the position, and with every interview I gained more confidence and was less intimidated. After accepting the role, I continued working with Kayme to create a success plan. I have been promoted 3 times in a year and a half and I’m looking forward to a very successful future. I’ve continued to utilize the tools she gave me throughout my career and with every interview for promotion. Hiring Kayme as a coach was definitely worth the investment and I would recommend her to everyone who is serious about their career.  

-Melanie G. 

I had the pleasure of having Kayme as a career coach while I transitioned from a finance role to a client strategist at a tech company. Kayme was an amazing resource throughout the entire process with everything from gaining clarity, rebranding, to interview prep. After securing a job offer Kayme provided additional assistance in salary negotiation and guidance on how to be successful in the role. I highly recommend coaching with Kayme to anyone who wants to launch their career in the right direction or looking to change industries. 

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